Our Green Philosophy

GREEN is the Color of our Values!  We strive to make choices that are good for you, good for the community and good for the planet. We buy local, organic ingredients, heat our water with solar power, compost and recycle our waste.

Striving to be Asheville’s greenest restaurant, the owners installed 12 thermal solar panels on the roof and 6 eighty gallon storage tanks in the basement, capable of generating 480 gallons of solar heated hot water per day.

Our GREEN efforts to help make the world a better place include:

  • Compost and Recycling Station.
  • Food scraps and waste are composted.
  • Vegetable oil is picked up for conversion to bio-fuel.
  • Water for making beverages, ice and cooking is filtered to remove chlorine and heavy metals.
  • Pure drinking water is free of charge.
  • Water from local producer Blue Moon Water is offered in biodegradable/recyclable bottles.
  • To Go Containers are compostable. Clam shells are made from sugar cane pulp. Utensils and straws are made from potatoes.
  • An official GREEN SAGE bicycle is used for emissions-free delivery to area businesses at the downtown location.
  • Concrete counters and bars were locally made, with 75% of the materials coming from within the county.
  • Cabinets were made with wood reclaimed from old house rafters.
  • Marque sign was made from scrap yard metals.
  • Locally made and toxic free Earth Paint covers the interior and exterior walls.
  • Waterless urinal in the men’s bathroom can save up to 40,000 gallons of water per year.

Our casual counter service is quick and friendly. Enjoy FREE Wi-Fi.